Mediasite: The Easy Way to Capture and Share Presentations

Did you know that you could record class sessions, upload media files and store all of this video content in one convenient place? Using the Mediasite lecture capture service also provides you with a secure online repository from which you can share video content with students, other faculty members and even users outside the university. You can even embed Mediasite recordings directly into Canvas anywhere there is a content editor:

Clicking the Mediasite icon shown above in a Canvas course will let you select a file from your Mediasite content.

Don't have anything stored with Mediasite? There are three ways to generate content:

  1. Utilize Mediasite Hardware Recorders in these classrooms. If you teach a course in a hardware-equipped room, all you have to do is schedule your recordings and check your Mediasite account regularly as the videos are uploaded. It is highly recommended that you schedule the hardware recorder two weeks before your first class session.
  2. Install the Desktop Recorder. Record and upload your own presentations using a tool you can download to your computer.
  3. Upload an external video file. If you recorded a presentation using software other than the hardware or desktop recorders, don't worry! You can create a Mediasite presentation using your own media files as well.

Remember: Any time you record your desktop, viewers can see EVERYTHING on your screen, including that browser tab for Facebook and the spreadsheet of grades you have open on your desktop. Be sure to clear any sensitive data before recording with Mediasite. Learn more: "Before You Share, Know Your Data"