Instructors: Plan Ahead for Spring Semester in Carmen (Canvas)

Fall semester is underway, and 70% of courses are being taught using the new Canvas LMS. As you can see in the Canvas Adoption Timeline, we’re expecting nearly 100% of Carmen courses to be using Canvas during spring semester 2017. Instructors, are you up for that challenge?

If you need help building your spring courses in Carmen (Canvas), be sure to check out a workshop or attend office hours, available in-person and online. You can also request a consultation if you think some individual guidance through the choices would let you get your course ready to go.

If you feel like one of your Carmen courses just can’t be made to work with the Canvas LMS in time for spring semester, let us know! Fill out this form and tell us why you aren’t able to set up your course in Carmen (Canvas). We’ll work with you to find a solution, which could include using Carmen (D2L) or incorporating other tools into a Canvas course.

Due to the technical process involved, all exception requests must be received by Friday, November 18, to ensure instructors have ample time to set up spring courses.

Remember that instructor access to Carmen (D2L) is going away. During spring semester 2017, ODEE will only create academic courses in D2L after reviewing a request to use that system. After spring semester, servers hosting D2L at Ohio State will be decommissioned. Instructional staff must harvest grades and save any necessary course files before May 14, 2017. You can refer to the data retention blog series for a refresher on how long academic records should be kept and where they can securely be stored.