Final Thoughts on Final Grades

Autumn semester is coming to an end and it’s almost time to calculate final grades and transfer them to the Registrar. If you are teaching your autumn course in Carmen (Canvas), there are a few settings you should be aware of before submitting those grades and heading off for the holidays.

This Resource Center article outlines all the ways to check that your Assignments and grades are set up as intended, ensuring your final grade submission to the Registrar is correct. Here is a brief summary of settings to consider in the Canvas Gradebook:

  • Assignments: Are you using weights? Dropping the lowest score? Be sure your Assignment Groups are set up to accurately account for these grading techniques.
  • Extra Credit: Canvas offers several ways to award extra credit to your hardworking students. Consider adding extra points to Assignments, creating a Bonus Assignment or exploring other options like Fudge points and Excluded Assignments.
  • Ungraded as 0: Be aware that any ungraded assignments will be given a score of zero when submitted to the Registrar. Be sure this is what you intend before final submission.
  • Importing grades to Canvas: If you have some grades in Canvas and others in a spreadsheet, you’ll want to import that spreadsheet into the Canvas Gradebook as a CSV file.
  • Transferring final grades: Review directions for transferring final grades from Carmen (Canvas) to the Faculty Center.

The Resource Center has even more suggestions, and it shares the student perspective of grades as well. Please contact with any questions about final grades.