Turnitin Gets a Major Upgrade

Starting spring semester 2017, you’ll notice there’s a new process for creating CarmenCanvas Assignments that use Turnitin for plagiarism detection. The latest upgrade to the Turnitin software suite requires a slight adjustment to how you have traditionally set up Assignments in Carmen.

You can follow these simple steps to build Assignments that use Turnitin. Please note that the primary difference involves the submission type for Assignments:

  1. Create your Assignment.
    1. Add in any rubrics or moderation settings.
  2. Select “External Tool” as the submission type.
    1. Find and select Turnitin Feedback Studio in the list of available external tools.
  3. Publish your Assignment.

For more in-depth instructions, including screenshots of the new process, visit the CarmenCanvas Resource Center.

Once you set up your Assignments with Turnitin Feedback Studio, you’ll be able to experience the benefits of the latest upgrade. The improved interface supports responsive design so you can grade and review on any device. You will also notice a variety of new review options, including voice comments, drag-and-drop comments and customizable quick responses.

Please be aware that using the latest version of Turnitin can limit some of your Assignment options. For example, Turnitin Feedback Studio currently does not support group assignments, differentiated due dates, multiple file submissions or file type restrictions. Learn more about these caveats in the Resource Center.