Students: You May Want to Save Course Files

On May 14, “old Carmen” will no longer be available to you. Likely there is nothing you need to do about this beyond taking a moment to enjoy the automatic uncluttering of your academic life.

However, some students might want to revisit recent courses that are still open in Carmen (D2L) to snag some scholarly souvenirs.

In particular, you might want to save files, assignments and feedback if…

  • Your D2L course is part of a series: Will Part 1’s information be on the final during Part 4?
  • Your class is involved in a licensure process: There may be important information in your “old Carmen” course that you will need to know later.
  • You are thinking about grad school: Those “helpful resources” you glossed over might be nice to have if you are continuing study in your field. You might also want to save assignments and feedback from your instructor, in case you want to ask for a letter of recommendation.
  • You enjoyed the course materials: We know you TOTALLY want to revisit those exciting case studies for years to come!

Not sure if there’s anything valuable to keep? You might want to chat with your advisor to find out if any of your “old Carmen” course materials will be crucial for completing future courses.

Keep in mind, your professors can close courses that are no longer active—you can only retrieve information from open courses.

To retrieve D2L materials, visit and click “D2L home page” from the announcements box on the right-hand side of the page. On the D2L home page, you can view any courses that are still open and download course files and more before May 14.