Be Sure to Save D2L Data You Might Need

You’ve moved your academic courses over to Canvas, but what should you do with data in Carmen (D2L) prior to May 14, when this information will no longer be available? The Registrar, Enterprise Security, Career Services and COAM have policies, best practices and recommendations to help you decide what you need to do, specifically with data tied to grades.
The key things to know are:

  1. Grade-related academic data should only be kept for two terms after the term in which it was recorded, after which it can be deleted with an approved Certificate of Destruction from the University Archives. Learn more about the academic records retention schedule.
  2. During this two-term period, grade information can be kept digitally using Ohio State-managed network storage or BuckeyeBox. Find out more about how Enterprise Security’s Institutional Data Policy affects academic records.
  3. Consult your college or department when grade records are involved in special cases, such as academic misconduct. Career Services and COAM share advice on special cases.

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If you need help exporting components from D2L or finding a new solution for those components, the ODEE Resource Center can help.