Instructors and Course Designers Prepare for Canvas “Mission”

Canvas has been fully adopted as the learning management system (LMS) behind Carmen. To get the most out of this new LMS, ODEE staff are accompanying 21 individuals to InstructureCon in Colorado from July 25-27. A wide variety of lecturers, professors, instructional designers and support staff from across the university will be attending this spy-themed conference. The experience will allow instructors to embark on a mission to gather Canvas intel to share with their colleges and departments.

The following individuals have been briefed on their objectives and are preparing for their learning mission in July:

  • David Au, Senior Systems Specialist, OCIO Customer Solutions Mansfield/Lima
  • Melissa Beers, Program Director, Psychology
  • Mike Bierschenk, Instructional Development Specialist, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dean Cristol, Associate Professor, Lima Campus
  • David Hedgecoth, Assistant Professor, School of Music
  • Jay Hsiao, Instructional Development Specialist, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Nicole Kraft, Assistant Professor, School of Communication
  • Matt Miller, Education Resource Specialist, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Hollie Moots, Instructor, College of Nursing
  • Katie O’Keefe, Instructional Design Associate, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Monique Pairis-Garcia, Assistant Professor, Animal Sciences
  • DiAnna Palmer, Instructional Design Technician, College of Social Work
  • Alison Polasik, Assistant Professor, College of Engineering
  • Amanda Postle, Program Coordinator, College of Medicine
  • Kathryn Proudfoot, Assistant Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • John Pryba, Educational Technologist, College of Nursing
  • Diana Ramey, Teaching and Learning Program Assistant, University Libraries
  • Schirlei Silveira, Lecturer, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Andrew Smart, Instructional Development Specialist, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Elizabeth Trolli, Program Manager, College of Pharmacy
  • Megan Troyer, Instructional Development Specialist, Fisher College of Business

ODEE-funded participants have been selected for their enthusiasm to learn more and their willingness to be advocates for others at Ohio State. Other instructional staff teaming up on this mission are well-supported by their departments. Together, this group’s mission is to complete their heist of valuable Canvas intelligence and then debrief others across the university by sharing best practices, offering training workshops or creating open-source content to share in Canvas Commons.