College of Optometry Uses Studio for Spelling Bee Promo

What makes a great video? Is it the right idea, professional equipment, quiet space, or all of the above? Recently, the College of Optometry found the nexus of necessary factors in the Digital Union Video Studio at Denney Hall. The newly renovated studio and staff assistance allowed them to easily move from ideation to quality promotional video for their Campus Campaign benefit spelling bee.

The College of Optometry has always been interested in video production. They have recorded two to three lecturer interviews annually, but before visiting the Digital Union video studio during an open house, the creative team had difficulties shooting videos with suitable sound, lighting and background.

“Locating an area with a suitable backdrop and lighting was difficult,” David Moore, Web Development Specialist, commented. “Once a location was found, it was amazing the number of background noises like AC, elevator sounds and telephones that came into play once the recording started.”

After visiting the February open house the College of Optometry’s Creative Team, made up of Marketing Director Sarah Cupples, Senior Graphic Designer Kerri McTigue and David Moore, scheduled a two-hour time block to test out the video studio for themselves. While they explored the studio, inspiration struck.

“We tested out the different features like the multi-cam, green screen and light board,” Moore said. “While we were trying things out, the idea of promoting our Campus Campaign Spelling Bee came to light. Freestyle brainstorming at its finest!”

The team scheduled a block of time to shoot the video and based on previous testing decided to shoot with one camera on green screen. They were able to record in less time than anticipated and edit the video with Mac desktops, editing software and staff support provided by the Digital Union. Once the video was complete they shared it on YouTube, Twitter and amongst their colleagues at the college. The spelling bee was quite successful and the college is planning another for the 2018 Campus Campaign.

Moore shared that the process of recording at the studio was invaluable to the team.

“Without it, we wouldn’t have gotten the top-notch footage to use in our final video, but the recording studio was only the first part.  We couldn’t have completed the editing process without the Mac computers and the editing software available at the Digital Union,” Moore said. “We’d like to throw out a big “thank you” to all the Digital Union staff who helped us out numerous times when we had questions about the video editor.”

The College of Optometry creative team plans to use the Digital Union studio for future interviews, how-to videos and more.

Are you interested in creating a video for your department or organization? The summer is a great time to beat the campus rush and book time to explore, film or test. Learn more about the studio and call our Denney lab to book time or ask questions.