Open Learning through The Ohio State University

Open Learning includes learning opportunities through MOOCs and iTunes.Through Ohio State’s massive open online courses (MOOCs), podcasts and iTunes U content, you have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge that could benefit your career, or inspire you to continue with formal education through Ohio State’s online or in-person degree programs.

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Ohio State MOOCs

The benefits of participating in an Ohio State MOOC go beyond the convenience of learning online. You join a growing online community where you can foster relationships and create interactions that are vital to the learning process.

Applied Logistic Regression (Oct. 8 - Dec. 3, 2018)

This course provides theoretical and practical training on the increasingly popular logistic regression model, which has become the standard analytical method for use with a binary response variable. This is a hands-on, applied course where students will become proficient at using computer software to analyze data drawn primarily from the fields of medicine, epidemiology and public health.
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Fundamentals of Pharmacology

This course overviews principles underlying drug action, including an investigation of current treatments for a variety of common diseases. In addition, this course will implement activities that apply pharmacological principles to discuss emerging therapeutic strategies and issues.


Media Writing and Editing

In this virtual newsroom, you will learn reporting, writing, researching and multimedia techniques for all news media platforms, and then dig deeper into how social media, community-centered journalism and multimedia elements can enhance coverage.

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Environmental Public Health

Learn how to promote optimal human health and prevent illness and injury by identifying sources and evaluating and controlling levels of and exposure to physical, chemical and biological agents in air, water, soil, food and other media.

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white phone with podcast on the screenStay informed and get inspired wherever you are with podcasts developed by Ohio State faculty and staff!

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iTunes U

iTunes is the world’s largest open education library, available at no cost in more than 150 countries. iTunes allows faculty, staff and campus organizations to share content with the world.

The following is a sample of the Ohio State content available on iTunes:

From Planets to the Cosmos

General Chemistry

History of Architecture

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Open Learning News

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