English as a Second Language

Impact Grant
Date Selected: 
May, 2014
Education and Human Ecology (EHE)
ESL Programs
Project Lead: 
Karen Macbeth
Additional Participants: 
Ivan Stefano

EDUTL 1901 is a required ESL academic writing course for international undergraduates, who place into it via a writing placement test. This course plus 1902 are prerequisites to English 1110, which is a prerequisite to many writing-heavy courses across the curriculum. Dr. Macbeth and Dr. Stefano will create an online version of 1901 that will allow (300+) students to take it before they arrive on campus in the fall and thus expedite their eligibility for First Year English courses. Thus, students who need academic preparation for college will receive it BEFORE they arrive on campus, rather than simultaneously with the courses in which they need the skills, as is currently the case.