Impact Grant
Date Selected: 
January, 2010
Arts and Sciences
Project Lead: 
Elizabeth Miller


This project restructured the format for two sections of Math 151.01 and Math 152.01. Traditionally, the courses were taught using a chalkboard with limited instructor-student interaction. The department found students were not happy, successful, or taking subsequent math courses. Using the SMART Podium, Camtasia (screen recording software), visualization apps, and a homegrown audience response system, the team was able to increase student engagement and create more interactive course activities.


  • The student drop rate was significantly lower in the technology enhanced sections.
  • Results showed a higher than average GPA for the students in the technology-enhanced sections as well as for those students in subsequent courses in the series.
  • 89% of students said the technology helped improve lecture clarity.
  • 87% of students said, if given the choice, they would take a technology-enhanced course.
  • 76% of students said that how the technology was used helped them better understand calculus.