Impact Grant
Date Selected: 
January, 2011
Arts and Sciences
Project Lead: 
Jackie Miller


The Statistics department faced increased pressure around Statistics 1450 due to growing student enrollment and decreased classroom time and space. The project goal was to give students choices for attending lecture. Students chose between face-to-face or online lecture (synchronously or asynchronously). Also, by leveraging technology, online materials and assessment ‘set-up’ recitation activity that helped students be better prepared.


  • 98% of the students would recommend the course to other students.
  • 96% of students said the technology made the course materials more interesting.
  • 95% of the students were satisfied with the course.
  • 95% of students said the technology increased their understanding of course concepts.
  • 94% of students prefer courses that use technology in the classroom.
  • 92% of students said the technology was worth the time spent using it.
  • 83% of students said the technology helped meet their preferred learning style.
  • 71% of students said the technology increased their class participation above what they would have expected starting the course.
  • 5% of students said, given a choice, they would most likely attend a face-to-face course without any technology.
    • 57% would attend face-to-face with technology.
    • 38% would attend a course solely online.