Veterinary Medicine

Impact Grant
Date Selected: 
June, 2012
Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Project Lead: 
Julie Byron


Dr. Byron and her team developed an interactive, case-based learning tool to provide students with additional learning opportunities to experience and practice clinical reasoning throughout the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine professional program, while reducing faculty time and resources required to produce examples. Data from the program align with discipline competency and accreditation standards.


This pilot project ran during Spring 2013. Among other successes of the project

  • 100% of the students agreed the Case Manager helped them engage with the content of the course, learn course concepts, increased their interest in the academic area, and provided a wide variety of case exposure.
  • 95% of students felt they learned best in courses with some online components.
  • 94% of the students responded they agreed the Case Manager provided them with initiative and motivation to learn the material.
  • Students felt that the instant feedback that was provided was the greatest strength of the Case Manager.
  • 4% of the students felt the Case Manager tool was difficult to learn.