Program Development

Partnering with ODEE will provide you with the tools you need to create online offerings that meet the rigor and standards expected in an Ohio State course, including sound course design, academic integrity and accessibility compliance.

Before seeking college approval, get us involved in the development process. We will work with you to make sure that considerations for distance education are discussed and included in your program proposal.

Online program services include:

State Authorization and Adherance to Standards 

We work in parallel to the the Office of Academic Affairs program approval process to ensure that programs meet university, state and federal guidelines for distance education.

Course Design and Development

Faculty work closely with our instructional designers to develop the online courses that are part of your program, providing them with tools, templates and resources to develop and support their courses while infusing best practices in academic integrity.

Media Services

Faculty have access to media services staff, equipment and resources to help in creating a professional course introduction and other program assets.

Marketing and Communications

Programs beenefit from our broad market research and marketing efforts promoting online programs at Ohio State. Each program has a marketing and communications associate available for consultation of program-specific marketing efforts.

These resources are supported and funded through the university's distance education budget model.

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