Online Teaching-Learning Strategy

Questions to Inform Design

  • How am I maintaining consistency within modules and activities?
  • How am I taking into account different learning styles?
  • How am I ensuring students have adequate time to complete activities/assessments?
  • How can I allow for adjustment of instruction based on student feedback and needs?

Resources for Support

Instruction should be straightforward and predictable in that it eliminates unnecessary complexity through inconsistency (Burgstahler and Cory, 2011). With this in mind you might:

  • Maintain consistent expectations.
  • Create a consistent schedule for assignment due dates and formats.
  • Provide material in a consistent and regular basis, giving students plenty of time to digest before being assessed.

Reflect on unique learner needs using Universal Design Through Multiple Lenses job aid.

Checkpoints for Universal Design

  • Assessments and activities follow a consistent structure/routine throughout the course.
  • Students have adequate time to complete activities and assessments.
  • Student activities are varied and take into account different learning styles.
  • Activities allow for adjustment based on student feedback and need.