Canvas Pilot Underway

Ohio State’s Canvas pioneers are half way through the autumn semester pilot. These instructors and students will help us compare the learning management system (LMS) to our current solution, D2L. Fifteen courses were chosen to represent a broad range of course sizes, styles and disciplines:

  • PSYCH 1100 - Introduction to Psychology
  • MATH 1130 - College Algebra for Business
  • ENGR 1281.01H - Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors I
  • MEDCOLL 2000.21 - Introduction to Medicine
  • ARTSSCI 2120 - Information Search, Evaluation and Use
  • ENGLISH 2269 - Digital Media Composing
  • ANIMSCI 2300H - Honors Introductory Animal Sciences
  • RELSTDS 2370 - Introduction to Comparative Religion
  • HTHRHSC 2530 - The Evolving Art and Science of Medicine
  • COMM 3404 - Media Law & Ethics
  • BIOMSCI 4200H - Concepts in Healthcare 1
  • NRSADVN 4240 - Concepts in Community Health Nursing
  • MOLGEN 4500 & 4500E - General Genetics (with Embedded Honors)
  • OPTOM 6560 - Ophthalmic Optics
  • SOCWORK 8403 -Methods for Translational/ Intervention Research in Social Work


Pilot participants are giving our Canvas evaluation team feedback on the LMS at three critical points in the semester: initial impressions, half-way through, and an overall experience survey at the end. 

“Response rates from the initial surveys have been quite high,” said Jeff Vernon, eLearning technology consultant for ODEE’s Learning Systems and Infrastructure team. “We have received a large volume of objective and open-ended responses to guide our next round of investigation.”

Autumn semester is the first of two rounds of piloting for the Canvas LMS. Both pilots will help us determine how to implement the major Carmen update in autumn 2016. More information on the call for spring semester pilot participants will be coming soon.


Check out the Canvas news feed for further updates, or email the Canvas Eval team if you have specific questions about the LMS pilots.