Innovate Assessment: Final Grades Are In

Assessment: A necessary evil in education as well as event hosting. To be honest, we love getting feedback about our conference. Lucky for us, we had 210 survey responders; 33% of attendees! We pore over the comments and compare changes from year to year. Nerding out over Innovate survey responses always generates new ideas for improvements we can make for the next event. Here’s the upshot from our 2016 survey analysis:

Innovate is worth the day away from your desk.

Respondents scored Innovate 94% or higher on every value marker for a strong conference. 96% of survey respondents said they were exposed to new and interesting ideas, and 98% of reported that they’d like to return next year.

Innovate brings in new voices and different perspectives.

106 institutions were represented at the conference in person, and more than 60% of the attendees were new faces (had not attended Innovate in 2015 or 2014).

Innovate is about more than fancy technology.

The top-rated sessions addressed helping students ask the right questions for research in today’s information landscape, improv in the classroom, and supporting digital natives who aren’t as tech savvy as we expected.

We’re proud to host a valuable conference that enhances teaching and learning at Ohio State and across the country, for free. As we look to the year ahead, we’re building on successes and filling in the gaps to continue providing professional development opportunities for educators who are ready to prepare students to solve the modern world’s challenges.

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