It's Time to Move Non-Academic Carmen Courses

Calling all faculty and staff that manage non-academic courses or forums in Carmen (D2L)!

Please be aware that any materials in Carmen (D2L) will no longer be available as of May 14, 2017. This includes non-academic courses or forums in which enrollment is not controlled by the Registrar. There is no automatic conversion process for this content, so it is up to you to decide the best destination for anything you are currently hosting with Carmen (D2L).

Check out this article in the ODEE Resource Center that details a variety of options for sharing non-academic content. Whether you want a static webpage or a tool that allows for collaboration, the university offers something that will suit your needs:

  • Archive - This option is great if your forum is not active but you might like to reference the material later.
  • BuckeyeBox - You can use BuckeyeBox to consolidate your online content in one location in the cloud. Departmental accounts are also available upon request.
  • BuckeyeLearn - Consider this option if you were using your Carmen course for staff training.
  • CarmenWiki - If your needs involve online collaboration and information sharing, this might be the option for you.
  • Qualtrics - If you need an online form or easy-to-use quiz tool, Qualtrics could be a good fit.
  • U.OSU - This professional website platform is a great way to share information publicly or with university colleagues.
  • Carmen (Canvas) - Consider moving your non-course project to the Canvas LMS.

Explore each of these options in more depth by visiting the ODEE Resource Center. Remember to archive or move all your Carmen (D2L) content before May 14, 2017, when the platform will no longer be available.