Impact Grant
Date Selected: 
January, 2010
Arts and Sciences
Project Lead: 
Ted Clark


Chemistry 161, which enrolls students majoring in Chemistry, was re-designed to combine lecture and recitation. The project sought best practices for seamlessly integrating traditionally different activities (lecture, group work) into one course period. During the grant, in and out of class activities were created, simulation based learning activities were identified, and assessment criteria were established. The pilot course was conducted in a featured classroom space, Central Classrooms room 311.


  • Post-test scores in the technology-enhanced course significantly were higher.
  • A significant reduction of chemistry misconceptions occurred in the pilot course compared with virtually no improvement in the traditional course.
  • 95% of students favored the technology-enhanced course over a traditional Chemistry course.
  • The average attendance rate for the pilot course was 90%.
  • The computer simulations received an 85% approval rating from the students.