Educational Technology

Impact Grant
Date Selected: 
April, 2013
Education and Human Ecology (EHE)
Educational Technology
Project Lead: 
Kui Xie
Additional Participants: 
Lauren Hensley
Lynn Trinko


Dr. Kui Xie, Lauren Hensley, and Lynn Trinko (Educational Technology and Dennis Learning Center, College of Education and Human Ecology) developed course materials and instructional interventions to help students maximize their learning in online environments. They developed dynamic, interactive learning modules to enhance the teaching and learning experience in an existing online course, ESEPSY 1259: Individual Learning and Motivation Strategies for Success in College, offered through the Dennis Learning Center. Based on theoretical and empirical research on motivation and learning and incorporating contemporary learning technologies and authentic learning and collaborative learning strategies, these modules promoted students' motivation for learning in online classes. The modules will be designed for re-use in any online course, while the process of developing these materials will become the best-practices template for remaking further modules for this and similar courses.


This pilot project ran during Spring 2014.

What We Learned, in a Sentence

Project planning and implementation are iterative and complex processes; therefore, it is imperative that organization and communication are constant components of the process.

5 Specific Points

  • This project was a truly collaborative effort that strengthened the connections among Educational Technology, the Dennis Learning Center, and ODEE.
  • Design work was rooted in motivational theory and provided support for students’ interest, value, autonomy, competence, and relatedness.
  • The team developed four multi-faceted assignments that integrated engaging instructional materials with authentic and collaborative learning activities.
  • The project was at forefront of new Carmen template design, and the design elements will continue to be carried forth in the multi-section ES EPSY 1259 course, reaching nearly 1,000 students annually.
  • Students in the pilot sections increased their levels of motivation and use of effective learning strategies.