Impact Grant
Date Selected: 
January, 2011
Embryology, Histology, Gross Anatomy Education
Project Lead: 
Lisa Lee


Histology is a concept that students taking courses in the medical, dental, and veterinary disciplines are required to know; however, access to necessary tools and resources are prohibitively expensive and limited. The project goal was to develop a comprehensive and customizable educational resource featuring online, digital histology content complete with interactive lecture modules, a pre-laboratory and a virtual laboratory experience. The public resource can be accessed at http://histology.osumc.edu.


  • The instructor spent significantly less time covering laboratory material.
  • Graduate students reported greater preference for using the virtual laboratory. Common reasons include:
    • Easier access
    • Better quality of tissue images
    • Efficient use of time
    • Conducive to team-based learning
  • A total of 1,879 unique visitors studied the histology.osumc.edu virtual lab site during AU11.
  • A majority of students preferred a customizable course.