Multimedia Content

Questions to Inform Design

  • How am I maintaining consistency within multimedia?
  • How can I make key points clear and stand out?
  • How can I best highlight the most crucial information?
  • What potential accessibility challenges does the multimedia pose for:
    • Students with visual disabilities?
    • Students with auditory disabilities?
    • Students with cognitive disabilities?
    • Students with motor disabilities?
    • Students with English as a second language?

Resources for Support

Accessible Classroom Technologies at OSU

Accessible PDF and PDF from Word and PowerPoint

Alternate Text for Images in Two-Minutes or Less

Media Accessibility

Twelve Tips for Creating Effective Presentations

YouTube and Mediasite for Video Captioning

Reflect on unique learner needs using Universal Design Through Multiple Lenses job aid.

Checkpoints for Universal Design

  • Multimedia elements contain consistency in structure and design.
  • The most crucial information is highlighted.
  • For video, synchronized captions are included.*
  • Descriptive text is included when video demonstration is not coupled with audio.*
  • For audio, a text transcript is provided.*
  • For images, alternate text is included (if image is decorative and has no meaning related to the content then a null attribute is included).*