Questions to Guide Design

  • What technologies/tools would you like to bring into the course content/activities?
  • What accessibility challenges do these tools/technologies pose for:
    • Students with visual disabilities?
    • Students with auditory disabilities?
    • Students with cognitive disabilities?
    • Students with motor disabilities?
    • Students with English as a second language?
  • How does the desired format post both benefits and/or challenges for accessibility?
  • What prior knowledge/skills with technology will be needed?
  • How might student characteristics impact the design?

Resources for Support

Common Technologies/Tools:

Reflect on unique learner needs using the Universal Design Through Multiple Lenses job aid.

Checkpoints for Universal Design

  • New technologies are evaluated for accessibility challenges/concerns alongside the Web Accessibility Team.*
  • Viable alternatives or solutions for course technologies that pose accessibility challenges are determined.*
  • Accessibility challenges of common/supported technology tools are addressed and will be considered in design.*
  • Implications of student characteristics to design are assessed.