June 15 Internet Explorer Retirement Reminder

The Internet Explorer (IE) web browser will be retired by Microsoft on June 15, 2022. Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (Mac) are unaffected.

The upcoming IE service retirement has been communicated by Microsoft for quite a while as they’ve continued to transition users to the Microsoft Edge web browser (microsoftedgewelcome.microsoft.com).  

As of November 2020, MS Teams no longer listed IE as a viable browser. Since then, other apps have followed suit. Note that Microsoft Edge does include an “IE Mode” feature that allows users to reload a webpage in IE Mode if it doesn’t seem to work properly with Edge.

While there is no mandated action required for users in the university community as part of this change, there are some things to check as the IE June retirement date draws near. Prior to June, make sure you are no longer using IE. Ohio State apps and OTDI supported webpages may be affected if you continue using IE.

  • Ensure you have Microsoft Edge or another non-IE web browser installed on your workstation. IE has not been an install option for Ohio State managed devices for a while and most desktop support staff will provide alternate browser options so users can decide on their primary browser preference.
  • Verify that any application you use that launches a browser is not using IE to open the app.  


If your computer only has IE as its sole browser and you don’t have an alternate browser option, please contact your local desktop support or the IT Service Desk by calling 614-688-4357 (HELP), emailing servicedesk@osu.edu or visiting Self Service.