Classroom Readiness Committee

As Ohio State moves from excellence to eminence, it is critical that the learning environments keep pace with that shift. The Classroom Readiness Committee (CRC) is charged with stewardship of all general use classrooms on Columbus campus. Their focus is to maintain environments that connect technology and space design to evidence-based teaching practices of our faculty, in service of enhancing student engagement and learning. The committee includes partners from:

The committee includes representatives from:

High-level strategic goals fromthe CRC's most recent strategic plan include:

Teaching & Learning

  • Provide the highest quality instructional spaces
  • Respond to emerging instructional trends and needs of faculty
  • Support student learning outside of the traditional classroom
  • Provide spaces that support a high-quality student experience and encourages the development of communities

Research and Innovation

  • Position Ohio State’s instructional spaces so they serve as an example for other universities

Outreach and Engagement

  • Increase external investment in instructional environments
  • Develop opportunities for private engagement in the development of new instructional spaces

Resource Stewardship

  • Serve as good stewards of existing instructional space
  • Provide support for the University’s Framework Plan

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