Familiarize Yourself with the New carmen.osu.edu

A new semester plus two learning management systems equals unique functionality at carmen.osu.edu. Updates to the Carmen landing page will make it easier for you to navigate your courses during the Canvas adoption year.


When you log into carmen.osu.edu you will come to a new landing page where all your courses are listed. When you click on a course, it will take you to the LMS that the instructor is using. Instructors will also have access to additional functionality for Carmen (Canvas), including the ability to create master courses and academic courses.


When you first view the landing page you will see all Canvas and D2L courses for the current semester, the most recent past semester and the upcoming semester. An “Other” category will contain non-academic courses. To view additional terms, you will use the Filter widget and click Load More Courses.

You can also filter your courses based on whether or not they are published. If you don't see a course you know should be published, please be patient; publishing courses takes time. Also, if your course says Published but you get a Not Authorized error, don't worry! This sometimes happens when instructors set the start date of the course to the future.


Clicking an active course title will take you to your course. Clicking the graduation cap icon in either LMS will bring you back to the landing page. If you get lost or confused, you can always go back to carmen.osu.edu to return to your full list of courses.

You can also use the links under the Announcements section of the Carmen landing page to navigate between D2L and Canvas:

Instructors: If you opened your course in Carmen (D2L) but want to teach with Carmen (Canvas), you have the ability to switch to Canvas. Simply click the gear icon to the right of the course title and choose to request an LMS switch.

Stay up-to-date on all things Carmen (Canvas) by visiting the adoption site or following #AdoptCanvas on Twitter.

Students and instructors can also take a virtual tour of the Carmen landing page: