Software Installation Request

Form used to request software installation in a location supported by ODEE Learning Environments.

Contact Information
Installation Location
Software Information
Installation Duration

ODEE Software Installation Policies

Classroom Services will:

  • Install new software requested by faculty and instructional staff to ODEE supported public computers when appropriate media and licenses are provided by customer.
  • Test compatibility and functionality prior to deployment.
  • Attempt to assist with software and licensing based on requests and available funding.

Customer responsibilities include:

  • Make requests for software installation via this form.
  • Provide necessary media and licenses to ODEE.
  • Provide any applicable installation notes or settings and agree to test installation on a test machine upon ODEE's request.
  • Provide at least 10 working days notice to ODEE to complete the request.

To ensure reliability of systems to all users, ODEE Reserves the right to deny a request if that software is deemed incompatible with existing hardware and software.